Dog Training Services
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Dog Training Services

All Private training packages are tailored to your dog’s specific needs and may range in price and length. Below are basic descriptions for what may be offered during a training package but can vary as you and your dog progress through the program; each session’s focus will be modified accordingly.

Basic Manners Puppy Training Package

This course includes basic manners such as house training, ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘leave it’, ‘loose leash walking’

6 Sessions: Starting at $460


Advanced Dog Training Package

For dogs that have completed basic manners, we will practice better on and off leash skills, stranger dog and human greetings, and enhance other known skills at an advanced level.

5 Sessions: Starting at $490


Behavior Modification Package

Behavioral issues can really hinder your relationship with your dog and your dog’s ability to handle different environments. With this package, we address your dog’s specific issues such as minor fear or anxiety, barking, digging, chewing, whining, excessive greetings, lunging, dog interactions and more.

5 Sessions: Starting at $475


Basic Manners Adult Dog Training Package

This course will provide skills training for adult dogs who are new to your family or have yet to receive positive reinforcement manners training. The skills may include the basics of the Puppy Training Package but will also include slight behavior modification for poor manners that have already developed.

6 Sessions: Starting at $460


Aggressive Behavior Modification Package

Insecurities can lead to a great deal of larger issues that cause aggression in dogs. Whether in response to a perceived threat or in an attempt to take control of a situation, dog aggression can make life tough for you and your pup. This package entails taking more intensive measures to ensure the safety of you, your dog, and those around you while working to change your dog’s opinion of whatever is triggering his/her aggressive behavior.

5+ Sessions: Starting at $475


Single Session Basic Manners Training

This includes a 1 hour training appointment for dogs that need refining of a known skill or owners that need a new perspective on a specific behavior.

Single Session: Starting at $85


Single Session Behavior Modification

This includes a 1 hour training appointment for dogs that need a refresher or minimal guidance on tackling a behavioral issue.

Single Session: Starting at $105


Multiple Dog Basic Manners Training Package (6 sessions): Starting at $700

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